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Fabs AutoBackup 7 Home & Office is a very handy tool allowing to backup and restore various files and settings (documents, music, videos, e-mails, web browsers settings) from any Microsoft Windows computer.


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Very easy to use, (even an absolute beginner can use it!), putting your files in a safe place on a USB drive or a NAS box is just at a few mouse clicks away. After an Operating system reinstallation or if switching to a new computer, Fab's AutoBackup 7 Home & Office will help you putting your files back at their place with the same ease. Finally, if they are running in administrator mode, all Fab's AutoBackup 7 versions can use VSS snapshots, allowing to copy file in use by other processes.

This program runs on every Microsoft Windows version, starting from Windows XP to Windows 11.

Good point for systems administrators, Fab's AutoBackup 7 can be used from the command line. This way, it will be easy to add automatic backups included in scripts.

IMPORTANT : updates are included for 1 year. Time is counted down from purchase's date. Once this delay over, the program will still work normally but if you want to update it or just download it again, you will have to purchase a new license for renewal. Then, please update your license information in the software after purchase using the "key" icon on the upper right corner:

Personal folders:
 User's Desktop (files, folders, shortcuts).
 My Documents
 My Pictures
 My Music
 My Videos
 Downloads folder (Windows Vista and later)
 Quick launch toolbar shortcuts (only for Windows XP and Vista since the feature has been removed from Windows since Windows 7)
 User's desktop wall paper (picture and settings)